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E Perfume Bar

A4 Reseller Bundle

A4 Reseller Bundle

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Total items: 87

5 perfume samples

3 mini perfumes 

3 clarins lip oils red berry 

6 full size Dior nail polish

4 Dior eyeshadow palettes 

3 full size Estee Lauder lipsticks 

4 full size Estee Lauder glosses 

1 Estee Lauder eyeshadow palette 

2 Dior bronzers 

5 black case Dior lipsticks 

5 red case Dior lipsticks 

3 Dior liquid lipsticks 

4 Dior maximizers 

5 Dior lip oils 

3 Dior glosses 

10 Lancome mini mascaras 

3 Dior single eyeshadows 

1 Dior prestige cream!!! ($550 retail)

5 Clarins full size lip oils purple rain 

3 Dior lipstick purse sets (each has 4 lipsticks, gold chain and dior pouch)

4 Dior leopard Mitzah eyeshadow palettes ($130 retail each)

3 Dior super potent serum samples packs (3 satchets in each one)

2 Charlotte tilbury magic cream minis 


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