About Us

Welcome to The E Perfume Bar! We are a small business focused on all types of fragrances, including ones we create ourselves and popular designer fragrances. We have been in the fragrance business for the past 20 years with many retail stores and finally joining the online world to share our products with the world!

We create perfume oils and sell many designer pure perfumes for individuals who want stronger scents. All perfume bottles sold are diluted with alcohol to create that spray effect, however much of the original scent gets lost in the process. We offer the pure version of these designer scents in a roll-on bottle and trust us, a little bit goes a LONG way. These pure perfumes are also created into perfume oils. And for those who prefer the sprays, we offer those as well, in travel sized bottles or the full size.

Thank you for visiting our site and supporting our small business. We hope you try some of our products!